Welcome to YALLAH 4.0!

What is YALLAH?

Welcome to YALLAH: the QFI platform that brings students, teachers, and classrooms together from around the world.

YALLAH stands for Youth Allied to Learn, Lead and Help. The idea for YALLAH was birthed in 2010 by two QFI alumni, Fahad and Damon, who wanted a space to continue to connect with, engage, and collaborate with peers across the globe. YALLAH provides a space for students to learn about global issues and opportunities through programming and conversations with a global audience; take opportunities for leadership; and encourages students to be active in serving their communities.

Now in 2016-2017, we are excited to launch a new version of YALLAH with better features to connect and support classroom to classroom collaboration and virtual exchange. Our international projects are designed by and for teachers who want to connect their students to enhance learning and build global citizenry. Unique opportunities are available for students who seek support and who want to get involved!


The goal of YALLAH today is to provide a safe online place for students, teachers, and classrooms to explore important issues, practice communication skills and take action to create a better world.

We seek to build among YALLAH users a community of global citizens who are able to navigate national differences, dispense with stereotypes, and build stronger relations with their peers.

What can I do on YALLAH?

YALLAH is a forum for young people from around the world to share ideas and learn from each other - whether individually or in a classroom setting.

We will be relaunching the updated YALLAH interface in November, which will include opportunities and resources for all - high school students, college students, alumni, and teachers! Stay tuned!

Our community

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About QFI

Qatar Foundation International (QFI), LLC, is a U.S.-based member of Qatar Foundation (QF). QFI is both a grant-making organization and a convener of thought leaders on issues related to global and international education, open education and education technologies as they intersect with the three core QFI programmatic areas: Arabic language and Arab culture, STE{A}M (STEM plus the Arts), and Youth Engagement.

QFI inspires meaningful connections to the Arab world by creating a global community of diverse learners and educators and connecting them through effective and collaborative learning environments —inside and outside the classroom.

QFI is committed to providing K-12 students in Qatar and the Americas the skills that will enable them to be engaged global citizens by placing young people from diverse social, economic, and cultural backgrounds into effective, collaborative and global learning environments —inside and outside the classroom.

Through core programmatic activities such as Arabic language and culture, youth engagement initiatives and our support of digital learning technologies, QFI is focused on creating a global community of active, engaged and collaborative learners and educators. QFI is both a grant-making organization as well as a convener of like-minded organizations and individuals.

Visit us at the QFI website or email us at info@qfi.org.

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