YALLAH Commit to Action 2016

What is C2A?

Qatar Foundation International’s (QFI) Youth Engagement Program is excited to announce the 2016-17 YALLAH Commit to Action (C2A) Program! This program is designed to develop leadership skills among QFI’s youth community and support service learning with a global lens.

Communities around the world share similar challenges that demand collaborative solutions. The UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are a path to global peace, prosperity, and stability. This year our emphasis is on youth taking action in their communities towards achievement of these 17 Goals. We would like for YOU to join us in this global movement towards building a better world.

The 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals aim to achieve 3 extraordinary things in the next 15 years:

1) End extreme poverty 2) Fight inequality and injustice 3) Fix climate change

To realize these goals, we must all take action. YALLAH C2A will train, mentor, empower and support an international cohort of change makers to complete service projects that help make the Global Goals our new reality.


The program will take place from November 2016 through March 2017. It will unfold in 3 phases, as described below.

Phase 1: Training and Project planning

November 11, 2016 – students selected through the application process will be notified of their acceptance!November 19, 2016 – January 2017 – students will participate in our online C2A Leadership Training, conducted by service learning experts at the National Youth Leadership Conference (NYLC). During this 8-week training, students will:
learn to develop a service learning project using the unique IPARD (Investigate, Plan, Action, Reflect, Demonstrate) method designed by NYLC;learn about the UN Sustainable Development Goals for 2030, and how they can contribute to their becoming a reality;develop strong leadership skills including collaboration and cross-cultural communication;be inspired by past QFI student service-learning projects;be empowered to implement their own project in their own community;collaborate with international peers.

Phase 2: Mentorship and Project Implementation

January/February 2017 – students will receive one-to-one mentoring with a service learning expert to help problem solve, generate ideas and obtain resources for project success. Students are encouraged to work in collaborative teams and financial support will be available if needed. 

Phase 3: Project Demonstration and Sharing

Late February 2017 – students will complete their project and showcase them both live in their communities and at a large virtual event for the entire QFI community. 
A panel of experts will select the top projects from the showcase to be presented at the 2017 NSLC Conference. March 22-25, 2017 – the top selected projects and several hard-working leaders from the group will travel to Disneyland, California to present their projects and inspire their peers at the 2017 NSLC Conference: Dare to Dream in a fully-funded trip. Students will meet hundreds of inspiring youth who have been leaders in service-learning programs and activities globally and get to attend speeches by distinguished guests.

Am I eligible?

Eligibility requirements for students in Qatar: 

» High school student (grades 9-12)

» Must be enrolled in Ministry of Education and Qatar Foundation high schools across Qatar.

Eligibility requirements for students in the US and Canada:

» High school student (grades 9-12)

» Must be enrolled in or have taken at least one semester of Arabic

» Must be a student at one of the following QFI-affiliated high schools: 

Austin High School (Austin, TX) Bell High School (Los Angeles, CA) Boston Arts Academy (Boston, MA) Boston Latin Academy (Boston, MA) Chagrin Falls High School (Chagrin Falls, OH) Cholla High School (Tucson, AZ) Catalina High School (Tucson, AZ) Granada Hills Charter High School (Los Angeles, CA) Hamilton High School (Los Angeles, CA) Hendrickson High School (Austin, TX) International High School (Austin, TX) Lindblom Math and Science Academy (Chicago, IL) Lincoln High School (Portland, OR) OneWorld Now! (Seattle, Washington) Pflugerville High School (Pflugerville, TX) Queen Elizabeth High School (Edmonton, Canada) Washburn High School (Minneapolis, MN) Washington Latin Public Charter School (Washington D.C.)


Application Deadline for students in Qatar: November 15, 2016

Application Deadline for students in the US/Canada: November 6, 2016 (Closed)

US & Canada Students

Students based in Qatar


Global Goals

Read more about the 17 Sustainable Development Goals from The Global Goals for Sustainable Development.The World’s Largest Lesson, a partnership between UNICEF and The Global Goals, has developed educational resources that examine the Global Goals in depth. Read more here.

Service Learning

What is service learning? Explained by the National Youth Leadership Council.


Feel free to reach out to us if you have any questions about the YALLAH C2A program by emailing yallah@qfi.org