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    Lana Sami

    What are the short-term goals of your project? What would you like to accomplish right away?

    Getting in contact with Educate-a-child or Reach out to Asia
    Creating a presentation to encourage people to donate
    Getting Donations for Educate-A-Child or Reach out to Asia
    Creating a survey and getting people from different schools and countries to take it to see what they think of their school and it’s development

    What are the long-term goals of your project? What changes would you like to see after your project is over?
    Volunteering for an organisation like Educate-a-child or ROTA
    Sending books and school supplies to developing schools or an organisation
    Changes: See schools developing more and student’s mindset changing about the need for quality education around the world
    Getting more people to be aware of the need for quality education is the main goal

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    Dana Smiley

    Short Term Goals:

    I want to find a partner in Portland who wants to achieve something similar to what I do that could contribute to my project. I would like to have identified a partner by 12/28/16.
    I want to identify how great the need for compostable toilets and other sanitation materials are in homeless communities and use that information to figure out how many toilets I need to purchase by 1/10/17.

    Long Term Goals

    I want to set up an ongoing fundraiser or somehow earn donations by 1/20/17 that will earn enough funds for me to purchase the number of supplies identified in the previous goal.
    I want to distribute the materials I have purchased using funds collected from a fundraiser or donations to the people who need it by 3/1/17.
    I want to educate people, specifically, my community, about the issue I was helping with and working to solve and keep my project going either myself, through my partner, or through others in Portland who also want to help.

    Each of these goals will help me to complete my project and get the most out of the experience.

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    Grace Castillo

    Short term goal

    The short term goal of my project is to start spreading awareness around. So by sometime in mid-January, there would be a mini-presentation on what is the issue that is the main focus, mention the walkabout that I went on and the observations I’ve seen. Also, to show how little people are aware of the issue, do surveys that will be conducted beforehand and results will be presented. I want to grab the audience attention and get them to realize how important things are in our community and mention the small negative impacts that occurs when harming the environment, and then move on to mentioning the UN SDG and their statistics.

    Long term goal

    My long term goal is to becoming more aware of the issue with people not taking care of the environment on land and how to take care of life on land can positively impact.
    Start seeing more use of recycling bins,
    Ask the school if I could have a competition to see who collects the most recyclable items and encourage students to start growing their own plants at home.

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    Dana Al Ali

    Short Term Goals:
    1. Create a presentation about water pollution and the effects it has on sea turtles to present to children.
    2. Organize a meeting with either the Friends of the Environment Center or the Qatar Marine Conservation to further extend raising awareness on water pollution and its solutions (recycling).
    3. Set time during the day to collect plastic around the neighborhood.

    Long Term Goals:
    1. Create a model Sea Turtle out of the plastic that everyone had collected during the events and in the set times to display.
    2. Measure that people are taking action by looking at the recycling rate of the country.

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    Adriana Noriega

    Short Term:
    -Raise awareness, we can do this by creating surveys and getting youth from schools in different countries to take them. The surveys would be about what they personally think about their school and the education received from them. I also believe we should create surveys for the teachers specifically about quality education and whether or not the think it is important for their students and children.
    -Reach out to big organizations, get them involved. Receive donations from them.

    Long Term:
    -Sending books and school supplies to developing schools and organization
    -Better community involvement
    -Districts of schools to consider changing the education they provide for their students

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    Gwendolyn Nelson

    Short Term goals:
    -Bring to the attention that women sports are just as good as men’s and bring it to the surface.
    -See somewhat of a change in the media and recording how many show up in the local newspaper each and how big they are compared to the mens sports section.

    Long Term goals:
    -To make more girls and women sports recognized in the media.
    -To have more girls join and participate in sports that they did not have the opportunity to do in the past.
    -See more girls confidence level go up and to change the stats a little bit even though it is not drastically
    -I would like to see after that more girls have the the confidence and want to join a sport regardless of the obstacles it takes to get there.

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    Jennifer Geist

    Hi all! Thanks for these focused, smart replies! I look forward to learning more tomorrow!

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    Sarah Asiedu

    Short Term- Make and present a video of me discussing statistics that show the rising number of illiterates in Sub- Saharan Africa.
    -Write a letter to the new president elect of Ghana explaining the economic benefits of implementing more accessible schools in Ghana,West Africa.
    – Get donations to the organization, Educate a Child
    Long Term Goals
    -Make others cognizant of all that plagues young African children.
    Make others cognizant of the Poverty Cycle.

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    Omar Diab

    Short-term goals:
    1-) Identifying most of the minorities and the persecuted groups in our communities.
    2-) Creating Methods of helping them. And making sure, that these methods will work with them .
    3-) Knowing Is the community sympathizing with them? By collecting signatures from different places.And making online surveys.
    4-) Spreading awareness between the participants, about these groups and minorities.

    Long-term goals:
    1-) Reaching the world and the international institutions and telling them about their conflicts, and having a reply.
    2-) Using the methods we created as a group to help these minorities, and having a reply from them, that the aids reached.
    3-) Using the community as a method to help, this will occur by checking how much money were donated. As well as identifying the number of the participants that participated in our activities.

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    Reem Al Janahi

    What are the short-term goals of your project? What would you like to accomplish right away?
    1. Spreading awareness first. We could do a mini-presentation on what is the issue we are focusing on, why is it important that we solve it and mention future goals we have in mind. To show what we are focusing on, we will mention the walkabout that we went on and the observations we’ve seen.
    2. To show how little people are aware of the issue, surveys could be conducted beforehand and results will be presented during presentations.

    What are the long-term goals of your project? What changes would you like to see after your project is over?
    1. We first want to see people slowly implementing what they’ve learnt from our presentation into the school community, such as start using the recycling bins more often.
    2. Making posters to hang around the school to remind people about small things, such as remembering to recycle.
    3. We could ask the school the school if we could have a competition to see who collects the most recyclable items. Then these items can then be sent to be recycled, which is connected to the increased use of recycling bins we hope will occur. 4. Encourage students to start their own projects at home, such as growing their own plants or using less paper, etc….
    5. Our schools can also host activities dedicated to meeting our goals; as if we had an activity that occurred every year that is dedicated to working towards helping the environment it would ensure that our goal continuously has impact.

    Profile photo of Adriana Loya
    Adriana Loya

    My short term goals is to get at least 5 volunteers to help me out. There would be many fundraiser events that volunteers can help throughout this project. Also, have the first meeting to decide on what activities will there be at the event. Before the event, we would have have to raise money ourselves and record the money to raise at least $100 for the activities for the event. My long term goals are to help 20 or more homeless people and have monthly events to help as many people possible.

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