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    Adriana Loya

    Hello, my name is Adriana and I live in Los Angeles, California. I am currently in 11th grade. I have lived in Wisconsin and Colorado and went to seven different schools throughout my life. I am most excited about coming up with a project that will can help people and learning new skills that can guide me in the future.

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    Yasmeen Elkhatib

    Hi, my name is Yasmeen Elkhatib. I am in the 10th grade and live in Edmonton,Alberta. My dream is to travel the world and to also sky dive over a tropical island. I still haven’t decided where just yet. I am most exited to create a project that will impact generations behind me.

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    Nathan Petithomme


    My name is Nathan Petithomme. I’m in the 11th grade. I am from Chicago, Illinois. An interesting fact about me is that I want to become a politician even after this election. I’m excited about being able to create a project that makes change for others.

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    Gwendolyn Nelson

    Hi, my name is Gwen Nelson.I live in Minneapolis,Minnesota.I am in 9th grade.One interesting fact about me is I have a identical twin sister.I am looking forward to meeting new people from around the world and around the country.

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    Mulki Yusuf

    Hi, I’m Mulki Yusuf. I’m a 10th grader and live in Minneapolis, Minnesota. I aspire to be a surgeon and artist. I look forward to be apart of a change and make an impact.

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    Lana Sami

    Make sure to introduce yourself below — please including the following information:

    I’m Lana Sami and I’m a ninth grader in Doha, Qatar. I love to travel the world and explore many cultures around the world. I plan on visiting every continent in my lifetime! The thing i’m most excited for in the YALLAH C2A program is being able to help the generations to come after me and help those around me effectively.

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    Adriana Noriega

    I’m Adriana Noriega! I am 15 years old. I currently attend Cholla High Magnet School as a 10th-grade sophomore in Tucson, Arizona. I enjoy traveling and photography. I love being involved in my community, being in the YALLAH C2A program I am looking forward to expanding my knowledge in the world and society I live in as a 21st-century teenager, my goal is to grow as an individual. It’s exciting to know that the problems the world is currently facing have real solutions, I’m looking forward to researching them and being a part of the solutions instead of the problems.

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    Omar Diab

    Hello, I’m Omar Diab .I have 16 years old. Currently on my 11th Grade. Living in Doha/Qatar . My goal in my life was always making Earth a good place to live in . Moreover, helping suffering people to make their life easier. That was my goal , because I really saw how people suffered from unhealthy environments. And from that time , I took a promise on myself to work hard and end this human tragedy. I have always worked to make my goal come true . Due to that , I chose the IB diploma program as a curriculum . So I can study the Environmental sciences . I am willing that YALLAH C2A program helps me to step one more step to my goal .

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    Aya Mohamed

    Hi! I’m Aya Mohamed. I’m a 9th grade student at Qatar Academy. I’ve lived in Qatar for about 8 years of my life. I really love playing basketball and have been playing it since I was 7. I also have always been very interested in Law Enforcement and everything about it and I would like to be part of it when I’m older. I’m most excited about learning about the UN Sustainable Development goals because I’ve always wanted to learn them all. I’m also excited about meeting new people and getting to know more people from different areas in the world.

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    Ayah Al-Ansari

    Hi! My name is Ayah Al-Ansari. I live in Qatar. I am a Hybrid: meaning my mom is American and my dad is Qatari. I was born and raised in Qatar. I am really interested in medicine because I like helping people feel better. I basically grew up in a hospital because of my asthma. So that’s where i get my interest in medicine. I love participating in conferences like these to meet new people around the world and get to know their different perspectives on life. I am very open to learning new things from different people.

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    Dana Smiley

    Hi! My name is Dana Smiley and I am in 9th grade. I currently live in Portland, Oregon. I love playing classical piano and traveling to new places. I am hoping to help implement a positive change in difficult situations throughout the world. I am also looking forward to meeting new people and learning new things!

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    Dana Al Ali

    Hello! My name is Dana Al Ali. I am from Qatar. I am currently a sophomore at Qatar Academy Doha. I have a passion for animals and the sciences.I also love traveling around the world and experiencing new places and cultures. What I am most excited about this conference is being able to meet new people, as well getting introduced to fresh ideas, enlightening cultures and people’s perspectives on a positive impact.

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    Grace Castillo

    My name is Grace Castillo, I’m in the 11th grade at Cholla Magnet High School. I was born and raised right here in the beautiful desert of Tucson Arizona.I am very passionate about playing my cello and keyboard, I also enjoy traveling. I’m very eager to meet new people along the way within this project. I’m glad to be apart of a change that would become a positive impact.

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    Sanskriti Tandon

    Hi! My name is Sanskriti Tandon and I’m a junior in Qatar Academy Doha. I have lived in Doha for the last 7 years of my life and before this I was in Singapore for a couple of years. Being Indian, I am surrounded with people who are in desperate need of aid every time I go back during summer. This is what drove me to join this program and find a way to create a difference with the abundance of resources that are available to us and still remain a fantasy to them. The last 2 years I have spent doing MUN have given me an insight towards the reasons this takes place but never a realistic solution which could be implemented. I’m most excited about taking charge to create a difference rather than listening to people debate about issues which may only affect a small group of people.


    Hello, my name is Laura Valeria Cardona. I’m currently Im a junior in Qatar Academy Doha, I’ve been in QAD since the first grade. I moved to Doha when I was 4 years old, prior to that I was living in Colombia. I love living in Doha as it has exposed me to so much diversity, I have friends from all over the world. I’m looking forward to sharing new ideas and opinions while working with the other students as well as expanding my knowledge on other countries while being part their positive change. I’ve seen Colombia experience various difficulties and it seems to be all that people know about Colombia. Surrounded by all the negativity and biased opinions there is a core of rich culture, unique peoples and a beautiful country. Without a doubt Colombia is not the only country to experience this. I want help make a change and start celebrating a countries positives and not their negatives.

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