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    Madison Marks

    Every group develops its own customs, habits and expectations for how things will be done. These patterns and expectations, or group norms as they’re sometimes called, influence the ways team members communicate with each other. Norms can help or hinder a group in achieving its goals.

    While many norms operate without the member’s conscious awareness, a team can decide to intentionally set norms that every member can endorse. In addition to the long-term benefits such a set of guidelines offers, the act of setting norms itself can be a team-building activity.

    Setting norms does not mean regulating every aspect of group interaction; rather it is an opportunity for the group to express its values. Group Values can be as follows:

    • Our meetings will begin and end on time.
    • We will listen to each other and not interrupt.
    • We will make sure everyone has had a chance to speak.
    • We will support our facilitator’s efforts to moderate discussions.
    • We will avoid ethnic or gender-based humor.
    • We will speak respectfully to each other.

    What are some of YOUR ideas to add? 

    (Source: https://www.berea.edu/brushy-fork-institute/establishing-group-norms/)

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    Jennifer Geist

    Hi Madison and everyone- Thanks for the Group Norms list- I like every one of those. To expand on the first one: because we are using a technology platform and technical difficulties are so common, I think everyone needs to LOG IN AT LEAST 15 MINUTES BEFORE A CALL just in case of problems! In this way, we can respect the time of the whole group and yes, start meetings on time! Thanks a million:)

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